Dairy innovator Dr. Michael McCloskey to keynote conference on Sept. 22

INDIANAPOLIS – Dr. Michael McCloskey, one of the founding farmers of Fair Oaks Farms, Indiana’s famous agritourism attraction which is comprised of some of the nation’s largest dairies, and CEO of Select Milk Producers, the fifth largest milk cooperative in the country, will provide the keynote address at the 2015 Indiana Logistics Summit on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

McCloskey’s presentation titled “From Grass to Glass Logistics” will kick off the daylong conference at the keynote breakfast in the Indiana Convention Center, and be followed by an all-star list of logistics leaders from Google, NASA, Cummins, Indianapolis Colts, GE Aviation, NCAA, U.S. Congress, IndyCar, Moffatt & Nichol, Transportation Weekly, Harvard Business School and more. The event will provide an inside look at logistics in all types of industries as well as new innovations and challenges that will greatly impact the U.S. economy.

During his keynote remarks, Dr. McCloskey will show how his innovative dairy operations get milk from 36,000 cows to store shelves across the country. Select Milk Producers has successfully launched a new partnership venture with The Coca-Cola Company aimed at revolutionizing milk consumption by producing ultra-filtered, nutrient-rich milk – called “fairlife® ultra-filtered milk” – that has less sugar, more protein and calcium, but no lactose.

“Dr. McCloskey is a modern day trailblazer in dairy farming and agriculture entreprenuership,” said Rich Cooper, CEO for the Ports of Indiana. “His innovative dairy operation has broken new ground not only in milk production, but also in sustainable farming, animal care, use of ag-based fuels, efficient supply chains and public education about the value of agriculture to our economy and daily lives. His presentation will be an eye-opener and have applications across all types of industries.”

Select Milk Producers, formed in 1994, is a cooperative of 92 family-owned dairies that produces and markets over 6 billion pounds of milk annually.

The 11 family-owned dairies that represent Fair Oaks Farms produce 280,000 gallons of milk per day – more than enough to provide a cup for everyone in Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and St. Louis – and has nearly 700 calves born each week. The combined 35,000-acre farms also grow their own crops to feed 36,000 cows and operate a public educational experience about modern, sustainable farming which uses animal waste to power some of its facilities and vehicles.

Recently the dairy began turning methane into compressed natural gas to fuel its fleet of 42 CNG-powered tractor trailers. This innovation eliminates 2 million gallons of fossil fuel emissions annually. The U.S. Department of Energy called this endeavor a “pacesetter” for the dairy industry and said it is the largest natural gas fleet using agricultural waste. The farm also uses sophisticated “digester” facilities to process manure into methane to power electrical generators that support the Fair Oaks Farms campus which includes a greek yogurt and ice cream factory, a café and gift shop, as well as an array of child-friendly exhibits about agriculture.

“Mike McCloskey’s presentation will speak to first class logistics and their benefit to his business, Indiana agriculture and alternative energy fueled transportation. As the State of Indiana is underway with initial work on reconstituting an Indiana Agriculture Strategic plan, it has been reinforced how important – and advantageous – Indiana’s geographic location is to the production, processing and movement of agricultural products,” said Ted McKinney, Director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. “The efficiency of our three major ports on the Ohio River and Lake Michigan will play a major role in the Strategic Plan.”

Register for the Summit online at www.indianalogistics.com or by phone: (866) 515-0023, or email:confreg@purdue.edu. The Indiana Logistics Summit is co-hosted by Purdue University, the Ports of Indiana and Conexus Indiana to promote the logistics industry and showcase the critical role this sector plays in the national economy.

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